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We Hate Moral Threat!

This is an archive of angry e-mails and the original "We Hate Moral Threat Page." Everything is left uncensored and unedited as is.

Subject: how much you suck
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 97 21:22:44 +0000
From: Josh ""
i just wanted you to know how much i admire your ability to go to other peoples pages and steal their images so you can put them on a waste of disk space excuse for a wabpage from a suck-ass band with no tallent. I personally wanted to say fuck you, you suck, use your real damn names and stop dissin' the shysters...they will always be able to kick your ass.....thank you have a nice day :) love j.d.

Subject: you suck
Date: Tue, 29 Apr 97 22:56:29 +0000
Although some of the members of the shysters may have done some stupid things they can't begin to compete with the stupidity of moral threat. They didn't get boo'ed off stage or have produce hurled at them.They also have better things to do than sit on their asses playing video games watching tv and drinking mountain dew.Seriously if you want to write decent songs you need to get at least a mile away from your fucking house and do something,I don't care what but at least try to experience something besides your house and shitty ass MV.You call yourselves a punk band but when was the last time you even saw a decent show is it that your afraid of seeing real punk might you discover how much you really suck and how meaningless your shitty band actually is or is it that your mommies just won't let you out at night either way you're all pretty sorry.Oh and by the way any punk rocker who can be grounded is by essence NOT A PUNK ROCKER .

PS Don't talk shit about certain coffe shops just because people they think your dipshits

more to come...