Moral Threat Lyrics

% - Lyrics By Ryan Phillips
* - Lyrics By Ryan Daniels
$ - Lyrics by Tom Stuhr
^ - Lyrics By Moral Threat
# - Cover song

% On My Own
Good things never last, I know this now,
Things that should have been forever turned away and died,
There's something I have now that will never go away,
One good thing in my heart that will stay.
No, I'm not talking about you,
This is one thing in my life to which I must remain true,
There's no uneasy feeling, I don't feel alone,
This is something that I'll have to do on my own.
Every time I close my eyes, I know what could have been,
A friendship started out so strong, but faded in the end,
You never were really there, but neither was I,
These memories are not only yours, they are only mine.

% If it Bleeds... (part 1)
Nothing should be censored
Yeah, if it's true.
But turning death into entertainment,
And passing it off as news
Desensitize the public
They're much more than aware
When it comes right down to it
They don't really care
Reporters, celebrites, are they one in the same
It's their fault, that we feel no need for shame

% When News Anchors Attack (part 2)
Staged accidents and world records too
Start yourself on fire, that's all you have to do
Torture your dog 'till it bites you in the face
Get it on camera and you might just win first place
It's pretty gross, when they glorify our pain
But I guess the people watch it, and the corporations gain
People crap in our food, and FOX puts it on prime time
When news anchors attack, it should be a crime

% (part 3)
coming soon...

% Expect To Change
I see the people who act so cool
Wear a costume, look like fools
Every day it's something new,
With it goes their attutudes.
Expect to change
The attitude that you get
I for one, will not forget
Unable to speak their minds
Leave the negative behind.
It's never been their own true thoughts
Trends determined what they bought
Friends were never really there,
They changed just like the color of their hair.

% The Joys of Depression
Every day I look for something new
There's absolutely nothing to do
Look for fun, I know it's no use
Leave empty handed, still nothing to do
I've found safety in knowing I'm going to lose
Now there's nothing left to prove
The joys of depression are all that I have
Once i know that, life's not so bad
I look back on what's been said
I can't take it back, always in my head
The joys of depression are all that I know
The past is gone so where do I go?
So much school, where does it get me?
The more I know, the less I want to see.
"Maybe I should go out in style"
Years later looking back, I shrug my shoulders and smile

% We Aim To Please
I'm sorry, I have an opinion on things
Too bad, you don't like the way I sing
How can you hate our lyrics, when you can't hear a word I say?
I hate your band, you blame it on your small P.A.
We aim to please
Give you what you want to hear
If you hate it so much why do you stand so near?
We'll do just what you want us to
If you say "shut up" that's what we'll do
You don't like our music, we don't pass your test
Too bad we refuse to be just like all the rest
"Oh! Your band sounds too new"
It's the same old crap, just what we say is true

% Anarchy Patches Are So Cute!
You love your mom, you hate the cops
Do good in school, at the top
Of your class you're gonna die
Anarchy's not as fun as you think
Anarchy's no fun
You wear a patch, that's it
I would love to see
You deal with it
You love the mall, you'd never kill
Love to come and go as you will
Just wait and see for anarchy
You're too scares to be a part

% Defend Our Culture?
Just because we don't share the same interests
Bred into a culture that has different goals
Superiority is such a loaded word
Guilty by association, everyone else is worse
As children we're all taught that this is the greatest country on Earth
Loyalty sets in so young now, the hatred begins to build
Such pride and reverence developed, what is it for?
You really did nothing, this just happened from your birth
Teaching a hatred that comes from deep within
As children it begins
The problem: patriotism, the reason: pride
Ancestry and ethnic loyalty only serve to divide

$ In The Past
Blank stares, and closed minds
This is what used to happen every time
Ignorance held in and no one knows why

% Put It Out!

%* Daddy Pays Your Way
All throughout your life you've had things handed to you
If you were on your own you wouldn't know what to do
You've got your car, got your clothes, never worked for anything
Managed to slide on by, daddy's little king
High school, you fit in, we never did
Guidelines, a quota, you had to be rich
While we're on the ground, you stood so tall
We worked everyday, you never worked at all
Now it's time to move on, out of the house
What will you do now? No daddy to pay
It's pretty simple, you'll have a rich spouse
You'll suck off him until you die, out of money, you'll stay

# Baby Games - 7 Seconds
Romper room, you think it's fun,
Play your games on everyone,
Do your best to be a fool,
Think it's cute, think it's cool
Don't you be a bit surprised,
That maybe soon they'll realize,
3 of you, and you're the same,
Busy playing baby games
Run around like 2 year olds,
The way you act is getting old,
Talk behind our backs, I say,
Monkey see's the only way

# Be Someone - Insted
Be Someone
Show you're worth a lot
Don't let other people
Say you have no shot
To be someone
It's up to you to chose
This isn't up to me
This is up to you!
I'll never stop
'Till this problem is won
'Cause you've got a right
To be someone